Ground-breaking gas saving technology for industrial enterprises has the market sitting up and taking notice

Keeping up with global trends, staying competitive and keeping operating costs down in a tough economic climate, has many industrial manufacturers under a great deal of pressure – which is why smart innovations such as the Shielding Gas Economiser from Shield Technologies, are a welcome addition for those businesses that rely on optimum welding solutions.

Shield Technologies, a supplier of welding solutions that cut costs and increase operating efficiency is the company behind the new Shielding Gas Economiser System. This environmentally-friendly innovation is already helping industry to make significant financial savings.

The Shielding Gas Economiser provides a turnkey solution for welding where companies have the ability to carefully monitor and optimise gas consumption through the system’s flow meter technology. An important component of this new technology is that the Gas Economiser prevents surges at start-up, allowing for an even flow during welding. In addition users are also able to conduct routine leak detection surveys.

“The result has been a significant gas and financial saving for many of our customers,” says Wayne Holt, managing director of Shield Technologies. “Some of our clients have already realised savings of up to 70% in gas volume consumption,” he added.

One such client is Hendrik Tolmay, manufacturing manager at City Office, a Gauteng-based manufacturer of office furniture, who says that the Shielding Gas Economiser System has already made a remarkable difference to the City Office manufacturing facility. “During the tough economic conditions we were looking for ways to optimise savings in facility,” says Tolmay.

“The system has proven to be so effective that we have already purchased our 10th Gas Economiser from Shield Technologies,” he added. “In the first month we halved our gas consumption and in just three months, we noticed that we had already recovered our initial investment in terms of the massive gas saving we were now making on a monthly basis,” says Tolmay.

It’s not just the Shield Technologies clients who have noticed the many advantages of the Shielding Gas Economiser. In November 2010, Shield Technologies scooped the Industrial Innovator of the Year Award at the Eskom ETA Awards.
Holt says that the Gas Economiser System can also be applied to other gases such as oxygen and nitrogen for use in food, healthcare and other industrial applications.

Holt goes on to say that with the industrial sector now turning its attention towards driving environmental compliance, the Gas Economiser System can also play a significant role in reducing a company’s carbon footprint with measurable results.

Shield Technologies prides itself in its ability to produce the most efficient gas solutions in the industry. “We develop solutions that suit our customers’ unique operation requirements resulting in maximum savings,” he concluded.

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